Learn To Swim

Learn To Swim

Hooked Swim’s goal is to ensure your child has an incredible swimming experience, leaving them wanting more. We focus on teaching essential life skills in a safe and fun environment.

We run learn to swim classes for children from 5 years of age. Our classes are designed to help develop your child’s character and build confidence through guided play. Hooked Swim’s priority is to get the most out of a lesson with small class sizes every swimming. We incorporate fun into the lesson plan and help build the foundations of a strong swimmer whilst teaching the importance of water safety.

The Hooked Swim Difference

We offer our learn to swim program during terms 1 and 4, with restricted student-to-teacher-ratios to ensure that your child receives the attention, supervision and guidance they need to progress quickly while giving you peace of mind.

All swimmers new to Hooked Swim will be required to complete an assessment before enrolling. This ensures that your child is placed in the correct class to suit their swimming development. If your child is over 5, the in-water assessment should take only 5-10 minutes to complete. If your child is under the age of 5 and over the phone, an assessment can be made. Please get in touch with us to arrange your assessment.

We are proud of all of our students and look forward to celebrating their achievements.

Learn to Swim Classes
  • The focus is on developing water confidence and body alignment. Learning is focused on safe pool entry/exit, getting comfortable in the water, and learning to float and kick correctly.

    1 Stripe
  • The focus is on developing balance. Swimmers will become proficient at kicking and breathing on their sides. They will also start to learn freestyle and backstroke arms.

    2 Stripes
  • The focus is on breathing and body control. Swimmers will become proficient at breathing in freestyle and swimming backstroke unassisted. Swimmers will start to learn breaststroke legs, forward rolls and dolphin kicks.

    3 Stripes
  • The focus is on propulsion. Swimmers can swim with the correct freestyle technique for 25 meters and backstroke. Swimmers will refine the breaststroke kick action and will be taught breaststroke arms.

    4 Stripes
  • The focus is on the connection of the body. Swimmers continue to develop freestyle with a 3/4 catch-up and backstroke with a shoulder lead recovery. Swimmers will be able to swim 25 meters of breaststroke unaided. Single-arm butterfly will also be introduced.

    5 Stripes
  • The focus is on stroke awareness by incorporating drills to improve the swimmer's technique across all strokes and introducing a full stroke fly. We focus on teaching swimmers racing skills such as dives, turns, and finishes from this level.

    Bronze Cap
  • The focus is on efficiency by focusing on the swimmer's length of stroke rotation and timing.

    Silver Cap
  • The focus is on incorporating some speed and racing skills that will help prepare the swimmers to transition to our Junior Emerging Squad.

    Gold Cap
  • The first squad joined after completion of the learn to swim program. The focus is on developing skills such as dives and tumble turns while improving stroke technique across all four strokes. Sessions run for 60 minutes with a recommendation of 2-3 sessions per week. Typical age 8-11 years. The price is $15.00 per session or $37.50 a week for three sessions per week.

    Junior Emerging Squad