– The pool is located at Scotch College, 76 Shenton Road Swanbourne, Perth, Western Australia.
– A map of the parking and pool location can be found within the Locations tab on the website.

– The pool has two recently renovated male and female change rooms located next to the pool within the Scotch College gymnasium.

– If your child is new to Hooked Swim School, they must complete an introductory assessment to ensure they are put into the correct class to continue their swimming development. If your child is under the age of 5 the assessment can be done over the phone and if they are 5 or older the assessment will need to be done at the pool. The in-water assessment will take between 5 and 10 minutes.

– Due to scheduling we do not guarantee make up sessions, however, if you get in contact with us we will see if it possible to try and fit you into another class which has a vacancy

– If your child is sick with a contagious illness we recommend that they stay at home and rest. This will help prevent the illness spreading to other swimmers in the group.

– Your child will need a snug fitting pair of bathers and goggles. We also recommend children wearing a swimming cap if they have long hair. All items are available to purchase at the Hooked Swim office.

– With swimming being an essential life skill, particularly living in Perth where we are surround by amazing beaches and river, we recommend that you highlight the importance of swimming to your children by helping them understand why it is such an important skill to learn. Tell them that they will have a lot of fun at swimming, playing games and making new friends. Our staff will also do their very best in ensuring it is a welcoming experience with lots of positive reinforcements and fun while helping your child develop their skills.

– All children learn to swim at different speeds and we encourage all parents to be patient with their child’s development. Since there are so many skills to master in swimming your child might progress quickly with some and longer with others. The best thing you can do as a parent is make a big deal of the little successes and keep encouraging your child to keep up the great work.

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